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 Rule changes. 

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Ok so here are some of the changes we have made that we think will make the game more enjoyable.

Make sure you know these!!!

.43 markers are allowed. It is still EPO (event paint only)

We will sell .43 cal paint, $12 for 200, $22 for 500.

Colors on the field.

Orange and yellow shirts- Worn by the ref staff

Orange tape- Something was blown up, Mine field.

Yellow tape- Boundaries, Neutral Objective

Yellow flag- Player is neutral

Green tape- Res point, Insertion point or zone, Dead box.


Each medic will get 10 bandages. Whenever a player is healed the medic must tie a bandage to the player in plain sight. Players can only have 2 bandages at once. The third time they are out and must go to the dead box. Players must hand over all old bandages to there commander. When a medic runs out of bandages they must get more from there commanders.Medics can heal everything but head shots and if your out from an explosion( rocket hits your bunker, carpet bomb, demo charge), not including trip or pressure mines and/or grenades. Also you cannot move more than 3 feet under your own power, you can be dragged or carried to safety.If you move more than 3 feet, don't even bother calling for a medic, just keep walking to your dead box.

Mash Units.

A team of 3 medics can set up a MASH unit. Just like in Landstrides rules all medics must take part in setting up the MASH. Players just have to step into the roped off area to be reinserted. If a enemy player steps foot in the roped off area then that res point is out of play and must be placed in a new location. You cannot take an enemy's MASH if its already set up. You can take it if its in the box. Only one MASH per side.

Snipers, spotters.

Snipers will get sniper cards witch will be given out by the game director. They may only use one card every 5 min.Snipers must have a spotter and two radios(one for spotter and one for them self). To make a shot snipers and spotters must have a clear line of sight to a target. The spotter who is now neutral(they will have yellow flags) must find a ref and hand the ref his radio.The sniper must explain in detail what the target is doing and what they are wearing . If a ref is not available then the sniper must wait for his target or move on. After the shot the sniper or spotter must get the ref to sign off on his card. He may wait 5 min and chose another target, but he must get the ref to sign off on each one. Snipers must give there cards to there ref and may get more cards from there commander. They can use there cards in conjunction with Snipe missions.


This is a new rule that i have not found in any set of rules yet. Commandos are just that, a one man army. Commandos may use all ability's, demolition, engineer, medic, pilot, sniper and spy. There is only one commando per side, EVER. Commandos get 5 bandages and 5 sniper cards. Commandos my chose to heal there self unless shot in the head or from an explosion.Commandos do not have to have a spotter, they must find a ref and with line of sight explain in detail what the target is doing and what they look like. Then the ref will walk over and tell the targeted player there out. Then the ref will walk back and sign off on the commandos card. Commandos will be chosen at random throughout the day by the game promoter with recommendations from the teams commander.


There are tones of props in our games. Some may just be for looks while others are for points. There are four types of props.

Scenery Props: Things that make the field look better, be it flags, fuel drums, crates these props are usually big and are not worth points.

Mission or Objective Props: These props are worth points. They will have prop tags indicating what they do, what there worth and what time there good for.

Live Action Props: These props "Do Something". Weather it be a machine gun you can dump paint into or something that blows up if you toss a paint grenade or fire a rocket into it, these props will be marked with neutral colors or targets.

Force Upgrade Props: FUPs can be found in the field or bought to upgrade your team. Things like rations, Ammo Cans, Rocket tubes, Air or artillery strike markers, Med Kit, Mash Boxes, Demo charges, and more. FUPs will have special tags on them to let you know what they are. There rules as follows,

Rations or kegs- Upgrade your base reinsertion time 10 min windows

(12:00-12:10, 12:20-12:30, 12:40-12:50)

Ammo cans- Will have sniper cards or paint in them. These must be brought to your commander first before there distributed.

Rocket tubes- Will have rockets or special colored paint in them, they to must go to your

commander before they are distributed.

Air strike or artillery markers- Will be special markers where you can place on a field where at any given time you can call in an air strike or artillery barrage to clear the area.Once the order is confirmed then the markers are pulled off the field. Each side will have a special marker only known to that side so it is not noticeable by the other team

Med Kit- .Can contain anywhere from one bandage to 20. Players may chose to keep them for themselves but can only have 2 per person. These bandages will be special colored to show that they were from a Med Kit.(Yes you can heal yourself up to 2 times with this med-kit unless shot in the head or from explosion.See medic rules above)

Mash Boxes- Sometimes if the teams did not start off with a MASH box there may be one in the field to claim. MASH boxes may go into play as soon as there discovered.

Demo Charges- These may be scatter throughout the field. Only recognized Demolition personnel can pick them up. Be weary of these though, they may be live and must be deactivated to use.

Anything not listed will be updated later on or will be gone over in the morning briefing.

We will be happy to hear your thoughts. Shoot us me a PM if you have any questions or comments. 


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