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Vitax Extreme Fat Burn
Trying Dr. Atkins in high school, the grapefruit diet, the cabbage soup diet (I can't believe I saw a recipe today for the cabbage soup diet), salads only diet, even plain old starvation. Detoxifying our bodies with pills to cleanse our colon, but at the same time diuretics are removing vital fluids. Starvation never worked for anyone and it is still as dangerous as it was before.Some of us got into real trouble, maybe even close to death and didn't have a choice except to opt for the more dangerous surgery or we might die. We can get our stomachs stapled, or even get our fat sucked out. These procedures are dangerous, invasive, and extremely painful. Not a very good fat fix for those of us who still have some control over our own fat loss. Unless our life is in imminent danger, we'd better take a hard look at what it is we are really trying to accomplish? Remember always, that obesity could actually be our own death sentence.

lizza dell
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