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can see growth I mean and you know that now you know if you are a healthy man your BEEP works well do not have serious erection problems uh you know how to take the pills themselves do not expect to see a real growth movie And that's why I say you know that if you want to make some serious gains in terms of size, in particular you know you should really consider these pills in combination with a certain kind of a training program now that you say Of all BEEP pumps gadget extensions and all plastic toys attached to your BEEP I think if you know how to use them and if their quality products you can get a lot of time each other at Pparecchio is interesting because they approach things differently you know for example, the pump is based on vacuum in order to expand the BEEP not a passive way you know that you have charges that use a tension not just at the base of the BEEP hit this head And type se separates almost inside using very light tension and generally target devices to extend the BEEP for several hours a day to know you know days and weeks and months what i like extensor is that there is no real scientific work scientific references in A medical database are showing that pump pumps work extensors are curious can be very good for solving erectile dysfunction problems I think it might be very good to gain size if you use along with other training courses or if you can trust you He uses long-term pumps what's interesting about the bombs is that when I started with the mass increase Chio that was very little out there, to the extent that you know about other types of training and most of what was outside U turned around pumps and pumps what's on it is where you have to use them in a way that most Some people do not want you to know in the beginning you know that you want to make sure your own knows the Sensible training as you would with any kind of training, but the thing about the bombs is that to get the really good size pumps need to be used for a sufficient amount of time and you must learn it is almost as BEEP itself must learn to expand into Pump knows that the more you use the more flexible the tissues obtained and some of these advanced pumpers can temporarily pump enormously huge huge dimensions and I think one of the reasons why it has not become so popular is that these temporary sighs Gaines these men get I'ma Making the BEEP seem to know how even a BEEP means it is so huge and distorted that it can be questionable but that's what happens is that it is only temporary and the goal is, of course, that to the point of knowing that some of This expansion becomes real growth in the case that these men who use the uh know very closely over the months or even a Ni know that you get that ability now expect me to hang as a hanging weight a bit because I think it's one of the most.

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