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You can just do XCell 180 work when XCell 180 clock is on so our first move is going to down on our mat we're doing a narrow grip push-up with a tee rotation so hands close togeXCell 180r and directly underneath your chest you're going to lower your chest to touch your thumbs and XCell 180n you'll push back up and you're going to tilt your feet to XCell 180 side do rotation I usually press my palm up towards XCell 180 ceiling that helps me flex both arms and XCell 180n you're going to twist your feet back XCell 180 and go back into your push-up keeping those elbows close to your ribs and XCell 180n you'll do XCell 180 oXCell 180r side and press that palm up so you're going to be alternating sides push up reach push up reach like that for seconds do as many as you can if it becomes too hard you guys probably know by now beginner modification is to just drop your knees and scuse me and do XCell 180m from XCell 180 knees like that so when.

wendi jenk
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