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lash rejuv
ways to accentuate the look thanks to the Lash Rejuv eyelashs. Many under the age of twenty opt for the false, sometimes visibly exaggerated and that can be found even in stores of "everything to one hundred" by little more than one euro. "I started wearing false Lash Rejuv eyelashs at the age of 14. Now, if I do not make-up, my friends warn me that my eyes seem to have disappeared," says Efe Miki Ogura, a twenty-something at a cosmetics fair recently held in Tokyo . Women in their thirties, who make up an important part of the Japanese market, often choose a more "natural" effect whether they use false Lash Rejuv eyelashs or mascara, and generally purchase higher quality products. That is why eye products have two main price ranges: those that are around 1,000 yen (10 euros) and those that move between 3,000 and 5,000 yen (between 30 and 50 euros), targeting two different generations with different Budgets For the more affluent, some specialized salons offer permanent curling Lash Rejuv eyelashs or artificial extensions.

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