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Here at DFWAP we try everyday to “Go Green”, some people say it’s just being cheap, but we like to think we’re doing our part. We are looking for the following items in somewhat good shape for a good price or free to help cut cost and give you players a better experience, but more importantly to help our planet, cause that’s the important thing right?

Telephone poles
Chain linked fencing
Lumber (studs, planks, plywood, boards, bamboo)
Landscape timbers
Guard rail post
Guard rails
Hyperball tubing (black rippled plastic pipe)
Metal post
T post
Sheet metal
Tippmann markers
Drainage pipe
Tippmann mods
Junk cars and trucks
Junk boats
Boat motors
Steel I Beams
Concrete Culverts
Heavy equipment
Military Vehicles
Helicopters and Plane bodies and parts

If you find any of these things let us know how much, where we can pick them up, who to contact and a number. Call us at 817-854-0085. You can also send me an e mail or pm me. Thanks

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