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 Game Mechanics 

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Pirates 09 Game Mechanics.


Gold in this game is what your commander will use to buy things. Gold will be scatter throughout the field and of course in the treasure chest! Also certain structures may earn gold if you capture or hold them, like your base. If you find gold make sure you get it to your commander, if you need any your commander will issue it to you.


Insertions are 5 min windows every 20 min. (12:00-12:05, 12:20-12:25, 12:40-12:45, 13:00-13:05) or unless force upgrades are applied.

Role players.

Role players are the people in costume, or regular clothes that, usually, don’t have a gun. Both Black beard and Hook are role players as well as their XOs or first mates. (See character list for all role players)Besides commanders and there first mates, you should not take aggressive action to role players, UNLESS, they take it first. Most role players are beneficial to you and will give you information or even gold! Most role players will have props, and if they are suppose to they will gladly sell their props to you for a reasonable cost.

Villa Mustang

The boundries for the village will be taped off and marked on the map. The village is where all the role players will hang out. This is where you will go to buy things and talk to the role players. In certain buildings there will be a barrel bag on sign on the outside. These building will be netted off so you can go in and talk to the workers or town’s folk and have your goggles of. No side can be in the city for more than one hour at a time. Missions will be run where no one side will hold the city for more than one hour. Best idea is to stay around the boundaries until these missions are active. Also watch out for the "town’s people". The town’s people will be played by the walk on players at the field. Cretan mission during the game will have you pillage the village. The town’s people will be defending their village during this point and only for the time specified on the mission card. Whatever side can get in to the village first and rise there flag will control the village for one hour. Meaning the other side cannot step foot in the village at all for that hour. And durring the pillaging


Anyone who brings out a plastic toy sword can partake in duels. Duels are simple. Each player must have at least one gold peace and a sword. No same side duels. Players who wish to duel call them self’s out and head to villa mustang and find the ref there. Players determine how much gold they want to bet and hand it over to the ref. Goggles on and guns stowed players will set up by standing ten feet from each other. The first player to "tag" the other player in the chest with the sword wins. The winner gets the gold and the loser walks to their dead box. The winner may stay in play and does not have to go back to the dead box. Each duel won will also give 5 points to their team. Again, you have to be on different sides, no same side duels. Medic rules do not apply and no shealds.


Bases have more than one purpose. First only the commander and there command staff is allowed in the base. The bases are netted off on one side to allow the occupants to be in there and have their goggles off safely. Only the commander may have his pistol in there as long as it is sleeved, otherwise no guns allowed in the command base. The base also generates gold while it’s active. It can generate 10 gold peaces per hour. If for some reason the base is blown it comes in play with the next insertion. Minus 10 gold for that hour it was blown. So if it was blown at 13:23 it will come in play at next insertion (13:40) and not get its gold for the hour of 14:00. ( so at game on you automatically get 10 gold for having the base, the next hour if your base has not been blown you will get 10 more.) Bases will only get penalized the gold once, no matter how many times in that hour it was blow. Another purpose of the base is that it will be the place you get your missions delivered to.


Missions will be every 30 min. There may be one or more missions depending how the game is going. Refer to the GSROP for mission types.

Base upgrades.

There are props out on the field or the game director can sell you to upgrade your base. Some of these things are Force multiplier props discussed in the rule updates; some are just upgrades for your base. When your commander purchases these upgrades they will most likely just be on a piece of laminated paper saying what they do with a picture on it. Expect things like, Long Nines, which will be cannons that can shoot buildings from far away. Gatling cannons that will keep enemy players back 50 feet. Only 3 allowed active per base. To activate one simply place it on the wall outside your base, once place you cannot replace it with another one for an hour. Some you can double or triple up if you wish.
The USS Ranger
Also known as the base and dead box for Peter Pan the Navy SEALS, Tink and the lost boys. This area is off limits to all other players.

Tinkerbelle and the lost boys.

At certain times in the game Tinkerbelle will be out on the field. I know what your thinking, well don’t let this fairy fool you. Tink accompanied with the lost boys is like a tank, but rockets can’t stop em. As long as the lost boys are clapping, Tink cannot die. As long as one lost boy is left Tink cannot be shot out or blown up or anything. So, your only option is to shoot the lost boys. Tink and the boys can only do this for 5 min once every hour. The rest of the time the boys will be shooting there arrow guns or slingshots and tink will be a pilot for the lost boys, navy seals and peter pan.

Peter (flockin flyin) Pan.

Not the little kid in tights ether. Pan has grown up and become an elite Navy SEAL. Pan will be the Commando for the SEALs and Tink and the boys. Pan is a very skilled opponent in any battle, especially duels. If for some reason you can beat Pan in a duel the game promoter will double your gold and give 10 points to your side.

The Navy SEALs.

The SEALs are not nessisarraly a side. The SEALs as well as Pan, Tink and the lost boys are more of game controllers. They are there on the field making sure the game goes smooth and bring an extra level of fun to everyone. The SEALs will act as more of the police of these groups. They will be investigating the acts of piracy and if they catch someone in the act they will take aggressive action. But for the most part the SEALs will have the harder missions and will be helping the town’s people whenever they are in distress.
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